86 – Nuclear Power Plant Operations Manager – PWR

Job Number: 86

Location: Nationwide

Industry: Electrical Power – Nuclear


The McLain Group represents a client, a leader in the commercial nuclear power industry, seeking a Nuclear Power Plant Operations Manager -  Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR).  Operations Manager is responsible for all plant operations including routine and abnormal or emergency operating situations. This includes ensuring that all operations are carried out in a safe, efficient manner, and that the plant is operated in conformance to the operating license, technical specifications, and in accordance with approved procedures.


-Manages and controls activities of the nuclear operations group, establishes implements policies in accordance with the station’s operating license, federal, state and local ordinances, applicable standards, regulatory guides and the station’s procedures. Coordinates these activities with other plant staff sections, departments, consultants and industry representatives.

-Plant activities including start-ups, shutdowns, refueling and power operations.  Also responsible for the root cause analysis of any abnormal operating condition, as well as to advise station management of the event.

-Serves as a close liaison between other plant groups to assure that other plant activities do not place the plant in unsafe conditions, and to assure that all operating activities are performed with appropriate radiological safety considerations.

-Establishes the organizational structure and staffing requirements of the nuclear operations group.

-Establishes goals and objectives for nuclear operations group and communicating these to supervisory and staff personnel.

-Management and development of subordinates, annual operating and maintenance budgets, estimations of costs associated with plant equipment and requisitioning for materials and supplies.

-Membership or participation on station review committees as assigned.

-Designated as a principal alternate for the Plant Manager.


-Bachelor’s Degree Engineering or related science.

-Eight years of responsible power plant experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

-Hold or Held and SRO License.

-Certified equivalent SRO knowledge at a PWR.

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