122 – Nuclear Power Plant I&C Supervisor

Job Number: 122

Location: Nationwide

Industry: Electrical Power – Nuclear


The McLain Group is accepting resumes for a Nuclear Power Plant I&C Supervisor.  The I&C Supervisor provides first line supervision of full time and temporary I&C Maintenance personnel in a safe, productive manner, manages multiple and possibly conflicting priorities, and demonstrates proficiency in managing a multidiscipline I&C Maintenance group (possibly including union and contractor oversight).


  • Maintains an excellent understanding of the work management process. Must be able to function as a team leader.
  • Demonstrates the ability to assist in the I&C Maintenance budget development and function within the budget. Has the ability to communicate with all levels of the organization, including representing the I&C Maintenance department at all meetings.
  • Ensures assigned I&C Maintenance tasks are performed as safely and efficiently as possible. Proposes time saving tooling and work methods.
  • Ensures all I&C Maintenance activities are performed within regulatory and procedural guidelines. Has the ability to manage I&C Maintenance personnel and resolve employee conflict or concerns. Interfaces with other other sites to maximize resource sharing for I&C Maintenance.
  • Interfaces with regulatory and industry representatives on behalf of station I&C activities. Communicates I&C Maintenance technical information, concepts, and ideas verbally and in writing. Participates in the shared resources program.
  • Serves as a member of the Emergency Response Organization.


  • High school diploma or equivalent work experience.
  • At least five 5 years experience in the  I&C Maintenance department. Five years of experience in the related field. (B.S. in Engineering or related technical degree may be credited for three years of experience.)
  • Proficiency with current computer business applications. 2 years of technical training. Technical proficiency in the I&C Maintenance area. Technical understanding of nuclear generation principles and operation.
  • Candidates for this position must meet requirements specified in ANSI/ANS Standards and Regulatory Guidelines. In addition, site Technical Specifications, FSAR, or procedures may contain additional requirements Candidates must meet or exceed ANSI/ANS 3.1-1978. ANSI Section 4.4.2 Instrument andControl requirements are as follows: Five years of I&C experience. One year of the experience shall be in nuclear instrumentation and control at an operating nuclear power plant. A minimum shall be related technical training. Related technical or academic training may fulfill a maximum of four years of the five years.
  • SRO or certification on BWR or PWR (desired).

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