141 – Nuclear Power Leadership Development Manager

Job Number: 141

Location: Nationwide

Industry: Electrical Power – Nuclear


The McLain Group represents a client, a leader in the commercial nuclear power industry, with an immediate need for a Nuclear Leadership Development Manager. Our client offers competitive compensation, excellent benefits and promotes the development and success of their employees.

This position has the primary role of managing, developing, coordinating and conducting leadership development for the Nuclear fleet. The individual must be able to establish clear training process controls, program requirements, and program management to effectively guide the development of nuclear leaders across the fleet. The individual should have a broad base of supervisory work experience or knowledge to draw from as well as formal education and training in providing leadership development experiences and training. The individual is expected to be able to interface with a broad base of functional areas and various levels of management in an effective and professional manner in support of this role.


Manage, develop, and conduct blended approach for leadership & team development

  • Conduct analysis to identify leadership development gaps for various leadership levels (for groups and/or individuals) according to INPO Leadership Fundamentals and industry standard
  • Develop LD strategy in accordance with Competencies and Leadership Model, including 4-step Accountability model; produce Leadership development/training procedure for the fleet based on internal need/gaps and industry best practices; recommend leader transition, on-boarding and process for effectively supporting leader transitions
  • Manage leadership assessment process, timing and outcomes to strengthen leadership depth, performance and sustainability
  • Identify experiential solutions that can be leveraged across multiple departments/sites
  • Provide blended approaches that encompass overall development for individual and/or group
  • Develop in partnership with OD team and OLT, leadership development architecture to fulfill IDP and Succession Planning, high potential and emerging leader needs (e.g., identify and inventory all experiences, training and experiential, required and preferred for progression)
  • Collaborate with INPO Loanee program owner and broader INPO learning opportunities for leaders to participate outside of the fleet, and develop broader understanding of evals and assists that drive industry and fleet performance excellence

Manage, develop, and implement Nuclear Leadership Academy (NLA) program

  • Provide active oversight to the design and continuous improvement/effectiveness of the program as industry-leading; manage program specialist to ensure positive participant experience and expected program outcomes
  • Elicit executive leadership and executive class sponsor support
  • Provide support where needed to coordinate adjunct presenters per learning and development goals of the fleet
  • Ensure executive sponsor, manager, and participant pre-program briefings and content
  • Collaborate with NLA facilitators to evaluate effectiveness of lessons/modules and adjust based on participant feedback, organizational needs, and NLA Peer input
  • Enhance Post Training Evaluation (PTE) for NLA offerings to include selected components of existing PTE tools and resources
  • Support leadership and/or fleet-wide training initiatives through forecasting training intervals, identifying qualified facilitators, scheduling/announcing upcoming courses, and escalating concerns regarding lessons at risk of cancellation due to low enrollment
  • Facilitate modules or courses as required
  • Ensure regular assessment debriefings as required

Manage, develop and coordinate continuous training for leaders

  • Develop leadership continuing training program across levels, i.e. first line supervisors (FLS) as critical leadership development focus
  • Identify target population and specific refresher topics based on input, i.e., Fleet, management, human resources, etc.
  • Schedule and coordinate adjunct presenters for refresher modules

Interface for Corporate Leadership Development/Training Review Council

  • Coordinate and verify that company-wide leadership training requirements are being maintained across Nuclear
  • Interface with Corporate Learning and Development  and other key areas to ensure alignment to company leadership training and initiatives
  • Participate with INPO leadership development committees and maintain awareness of industry direction and support

Manage and/or coordinate new leader training

  • Partner with key stakeholders to ensure new leaders (new to company or new to position) are on-boarded and/or transitioned accordingly and that they receive necessary leader training
  • Coordinate a corporate Leadership Training Review Committee to provide oversight and direction to build leadership capability for new leaders and strengthen leadership bench
  • Evaluate current leadership gaps & trends requiring training intervention
  • Develop metrics to track and measure program effectiveness



Basic/Required Qualifications:

  • Four year degree in Leadership Development, Organization Development, Instructional Design, Human Resources, and/or related field
  • Six years of experience in conducting formal training in adult learning and/or instructional design for a systematic approach to training desired 


Desired Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated expertise in the development and delivery of training products and services, which typically requires in excess of 6 years’ experience to attain
  • Knowledge of a systematic approach to development of training products and services. A broad knowledge of multiple training areas and integrates related knowledge and specialties. General understanding of all Training Functional Areas
  • Demonstrated project management skills to develop innovative, creative ideas to address complex training-related problems, concerns and programs
  • Demonstrated presentation skills to speak effectively to large and small groups
  • Demonstrated group process skills to effectively facilitate various groups
  • Excellent negotiation and influencing skills
  • Demonstrated interpersonal and human relations skills, e.g., influencing skills and listening skills, to deal effectively with all levels of management and employees
  • Demonstrated analytical and problem-solving skills to analyze concerns/issues, develop logical conclusions and make appropriate recommendations
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities to influence and provide direction to team members and to advise management of team members’ performance and project status
  • Ability to recognize the need for new or different systems, programs, or applications and selection of appropriate alternatives to solve problems. Ability to analyze and apply new training methods, applications, trends, and events impacting the field of Adult Learning
  • Supervisor experience desired
  • Demonstrated effective written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of customers in all levels of an organization
  • Ability to deliver superior results within allocated time through effective prioritization, scheduling, planning and execution of assigned work
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt to changing processes, regulations, responsibilities, and work environments

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