208 – Nuclear Power Plant Operations Director

Job Number: 208

Location: Nationwide

Industry: Electrical Power – Nuclear


The McLain Group represents a client, a leader in the commercial nuclear power industry, with an immediate need for a nuclear power plant Operations Director at one of their sites.  Our client offers competitive compensation, excellent benefits and promotes the development and success of their employees.

Direct the Operations, Fire Protection, and Work Control functions of a nuclear plant in order to provide reliable and efficient generation to meet needs and operations safety requirements; provide for sufficient qualified and licensed personnel to satisfy regulatory requirements; and design and implement process improvements to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity while minimizing associated costs to improve competitiveness.

Supervisory Responsibility — Directly supervises four management/specialist employees. Indirectly supervises between 115 and 300 management/specialist and represented employees.

Budget Responsibility — Approximately 20 to 30 million annually.


• Direct the Operations organization to ensure the safe, efficient and reliable operation to the plant.

• Direct the Work Control organization to ensure that work on plant equipment is planned and executed in a timely and efficient manner and administer the work control program in support of unit operations.

• Direct the Fire Protection organization to ensure the safety of nuclear plant facilities and to safeguard the health and safety of the general public.

• Interview, select, assign and motivate the organization’s personnel to best utilize individual and group capabilities.

• Resolve specific operational and technical problems to aid the direct reports in the performance of their jobs.

• Develop, implement and manage the organization’s budget and expenditures to provide the parts, equipment and personnel to maintain and improve plant performance.

• Serve as an alternate chairman of the Plant Operations Review Committee to ensure site activities are conducted in a safe manner from a nuclear safety standpoint.

• Ensure qualifications and NRC certification of operations is maintained to provide sufficient licensed operators to safely and effectively operate the plant in accordance with NRC regulations.

• Coordinate with other plant organizations to optimize plant efficiency, reliability, availability, capacity factor, megawatt output and thermal performance.

• Serve as the Site Emergency Director for nuclear plant emergencies to fulfill assigned responsibilities under the sire Radiological Emergency Plan.

• Monitor plant activities to identify design changes and make procedural changes for improvements that are nuclear safety related, industrial safety related, or related to efficiency or productivity.

• Direct plant activities to identify design changes and make procedural changes for improvements that are nuclear safety related, industrial safety related, or related to efficiency or productivity.

• Direct plant shutdown or termination of an evolution when continuation would create unsafe conditions or non-compliance with regulations.

• Develop subordinates’ skills as a means of fulfilling succession planning.

• Administer disciplinary action in accordance with approved Human Resources procedures.

• Support Outage Management to complete outage scope, increase outage safety and reduce outage duration.

• Monitor operator training programs to ensure consistent plant operations among all shifts.

• Implement process improvements and maintain standardization among all TVA nuclear units.


Education – B.S. degree in engineering or related science, or equivalent experience.

Experience – 12 to 15 years’ experience in operations or technical support activities of an operating nuclear plant is desirable but may be substituted for based upon nuclear experience.

Certification/License, etc. — Must hold or have held an NRC Senior Reactor License on a similar type reactor.

Knowledge/Skills/Abilities — Maintain requirements for nuclear unescorted access; maintain S-2 medical requirements. SPP-1.1 applicable. Must meet ANSI N18.1 (1971).

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