Candidate Resources

  • Resigning Gracefully

    Congratulations! You’ve landed the job. Now it’s time to inform you’re current employer you have made a final decision and are committed to your new employer. Informing your current employer of your resignation requires tact and discretion.

  • Beware of a Counteroffer

    The litany of horror stories I have come across in my years as an executive recruiter, consultant and publisher, provides a litmus test that clearly indicates What will the boss say to keep you in the nest? counteroffers should never be accepted . . . EVER!

  • Weighing the Job Offer

    A number of factors come under consideration when you’re making a decision about a job offer. Obviously there’s “the package” – but putting the monetary value of the position aside for one moment, there are other aspects of the job to evaluate.

  • Preparing for a Behavioral Interview

    Many employers are aware that employing somebody on the basis of two short interviews can be a risk if they do not ask the “right” questions in an interview. That’s why “behavioral” interviewing has become very popular with many managers.

  • Interview Do’s and Don’ts

    There are simple Do’s and Don’ts that will help candidates during and after the interview.

  • Tips for Conducting Company Research

    The amount of knowledge you have about a potential employer, and on the industry in which you hope to work can give you a competitive edge. This pertains both to making initial contact with employers and before going on interviews. In addition, having information on a company is also invaluable when it comes to evaluating a job offer.

  • Headhunter Myths

    Most candidates do not understand how the executive search process and headhunters work. Most candidates think if they post their resume to the web, fax it to a recruiter or respond to a “job posting” and sit back the calls will come. Lots of calls and e-mail responses should bring lots of opportunity… right? So how has it been working for you so far? Are you getting disillusioned yet?

  • The Rise & Rise of Your Career

    In some respects building a successful career is no different from any other project. Clear goal setting, thorough planning and effective execution are key ingredients in the recipe for success. Though expert advice can help you with the process, in the end it is up to you to formulate objectives, develop a plan, and follow through to realize your career goals. While you may enjoy your share of luck, success seldom falls in your lap.