Our Candidate Process

For each position we only consider the most qualified candidates. By providing timely information, you will show dedication and a commitment regarding your career search. We understand and respect that our candidates may have other obligations to meet. At the same time, we have an obligation to meet the timeframes set forth by our clients.

Step 1: Qualify

The first step of our placement process is determining your relevant qualifications in the electrical power industry. This is done by comparing your skills to those necessary for specific positions in this industry.

candidateprocessWe will send you a candidate profile that helps us gather information not usually found on a resume. The profile must be completed in detail and sent back to us with your updated resume in 3 to 5 days. Please do not answer any part of the profile with “see resume.” Once we have your updated resume and completed candidate profile, we will discuss your qualifications with our client. Providing our client feels you meet their needs, we will contact you and discuss the position and client company in greater detail.

Step 2: Verify

After determining a candidate is qualified for a particular position or has qualifications that may meet future positions, that person’s information is maintained in our system to be contacted for applicable opportunities. At this point a number of verifications will take place. We will check your references and as applicable education and certifications. This is done to ensure our clients receive only the best the industry has to offer. This series of checks also maintains our credibility in the industry and therefore places greater respect to our name; thereby increasing our leverage used in your behalf. Having a strong brand name benefits our candidates. When your resume stops on the desk of a hiring authority they will see The McLain Group stamp and know that they are reviewing a quality candidate.

Step 3: The Presentation

Your qualifications will now be presented to the hiring authority for review. Along with your resume our clients receive the assurance that the information provided is accurate due to our verification process. There is no reason our clients should ever be surprised by something they find out about a candidate. For this reason, it is vitally important our candidates be upfront, open and honest with us. We only send out the best – impact players – and because of this, you benefit from the recognition of our name.

Step 4: After the Presentation

candidateprocess2After we present your information to the hiring authority, the ball is in their court. Your information will be reviewed and we will receive feedback. Because this portion of the process is not entirely controlled by our office, the time period varies from one hiring authority to another. You should expect to be contacted by us once we receive feedback from our client. This will allow us to set up the next step in the process. Typically, the next step is a phone interview. From here, the process begins to differ slightly from one hiring authority to another and will be handled on an individual basis.