Our Client Process

Step 1: Understanding Your Needs

The first step is our informational interview with your hiring authority. We ask a series of questions to fully understand who you are, what your needs are and who you are looking for. This interview helps us gather information on the technical skills your position requires as well as the personality traits that will best fit your current organizational culture.

We build a client profile based on the information you provide about your company and the position. This step may also help you come to a more specific understanding of exactly what you are looking for. In addition, we are able to compile a list of reasons a candidate should want to work for you versus the competition. Of course, all information will remain strictly confidential until the appropriate time.

Step 2: The Search

We conduct an extensive search to find the right candidates for you. We compile a list of every similar company that may currently employ the type of candidate you seek. During our search we call all non-client companies seeking people who fit your needs and have an interest in making a move in the industry.

clientprocessAt this point we do not provide specific details about our clients; we seek people who have the required skills, traits and are open to making a move in the industry. Many sources are committed during this search process including, but not limited to, our industry contacts, candidates actively working with us and headhunting from non-client companies. Through an initial telephone interview we search for a pool of qualified potential candidates who fit the specifications you have previously laid out. On occasion we may contact you for resolution regarding difficulties we have encountered or further questions we have developed. We then start an intensive qualifying process.

Step 3: Qualifying a Candidate

We begin by determining the candidate‚Äôs relevant skills applicable to the industry. Once we have found that a candidate’s skills match those needed for the open position, we then request more information from that person. We then further analyze their potential fit within your organization and if they are indeed a fit, we conduct a thorough interview to determine their true desires and motivation in pursuing the opportunity.

Step 4: Candidate Verification

After determining a candidate is qualified for a particular position, a number of verifications take place. References are asked a number of questions that help us to determine how well this person will fit into your organization. We also check their educational background and certification records as applicable to ensure that our records are accurately represented. We select the best candidates and forward them to you for your review and consideration.

Step 5: Your Review of the Candidate

clientprocess2When the candidate’s information has reached your desk we await your feedback. Although we understand that you have other obligations, please respond to us in a timely manner (usually within 72 hours). Once you have conducted an initial review of a candidate’s resume we will facilitate the next step in your hiring process. From here the process may vary and therefore is handled on an individual basis. Some companies choose to conduct a phone interview, while others prefer a face-to face interview. We also assist you in scheduling and monitoring the interview process with your management team. After each interview we anticipate your feedback within 48 hours so that we can decide on a course of action best suited for your particular needs.

Step 6: The Decision and the Offer

While you alone make the decision on the best candidate for your organization, we can assist you during this critical phase. We offer counsel and facilitate communications on salary terms, relocation and benefits. We also assist the candidate through the emotional process of resigning his or her present position and dealing with counteroffers.