Why Use an Executive Recruiter

It’s a common occurrence for prudent companies to utilize the services of outside professionals for legal, accounting and other special needs. Executive recruiters should be viewed in the same light: as skilled specialists who can identify the right impact players to fill important positions within the company. Recruiters provide strict confidentiality, an extensive network of contacts, objectivity in candidate evaluation, and negotiation experience and expertise.

Organizations with a key opening can be vulnerable. Recruiters observe strict confidentiality, which can keep competitors from being tipped off to management shake-ups, new product and market initiatives. This confidentiality can also protect against employee and supplier apprehension. Recruiters value the sensitive information they become aware of during the search process and respect their client’s vulnerability.

Most often, the best candidates are already employed, and many of them will deal only with a recruiter. They appreciate the worth of third-party representation, confidentiality and professional mediation. Recruiting superior candidates can be a complex process and is best performed by a professional.

The benefit of using a recruiter can be weighed against the cost of preparing and executing an advertisement campaign, screening and qualifying candidates, and operating without a needed employee for an extended length of time, compared to the relative insurance of getting the right person for the job. The use of recruiters is an investment in improving the quality of an organization’s staff. But even beyond that, the risk in not using recruiters can be great. One hiring mistake can have disastrous results.

People are a company’s most important asset. They can make or break the fortunes of a business. Professional recruiters can deliver the right people for today’s highly competitive business environment.